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A Puff Bar Stand Champs Las Vegas

Puff Bar / Puff Plus / “PUFF” In General is Back!

Puff Bar is back with a brand new Tobacco Free Nicotine aka “TFN” Design. Do you want to vape a mango, lemon-ice, or watermelon flavor? You’ve struck it rich. They’re being offered online by Puff Bar, a company that was ordered last year to stop selling e-cigarettes in the United States. As part of a …

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Do You Have Vaper’s Tongue?

It’s frustrating and a little scary when you suddenly can’t taste your e-liquid – especially if you’ve never experienced olfactory fatigue before. One minute you’re enjoying the flavor of your favorite vape juice, and then – nothing!  You might have vaper’s tongue if you’re having trouble tasting your e-liquid. People call this condition by various …

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Freebase Nicotine vs. Nicotine Salts

Nicotine salts (also known as nic salts) have been used in e-liquids for a few years. Yet, as a monumental vaping innovation, they have only recently exploded in popularity.  Their popularity soared in the United States, thanks in part to the JUUL closed vaping pod system, which delivered a powerful punch of 50 percent nicotine …

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Vaping Tricks for Beginners Pt. 2

The vapor produced by your favorite e-liquid is always fun to admire, whether you’re a beginning vaper or a skilled cloud chaser. As the popularity of vaping grows every day, you can now witness simple vape tricks nearly anywhere – movies, online videos, music videos, and other social media platforms. Vaping competitions and vape stores …

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Myths About Disposable Vapes

Myth 1: Disposable Vapes also contain nicotine, making them no better than regular cigarettes.  Truth: Without established scientific investigations, one cannot disprove this myth definitively. While nicotine is addicting, multiple studies have shown that it has relatively little influence on one’s health. Tobacco cigarettes are significantly more dangerous because of the many compounds and chemicals …

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