*NO RESTOCK SALE* Authentic Wholesale Airbar Max 2000+ Puffs (Box of 10)


Airbar Max is the newest airbar product. Sporting a modern silver to color gradient casing, the Airbar Max is the definition of aesthetic premium vaping. If you are looking for wholesale Airbar Lux instead click here. I hope, this description has hyped you up enough to buy your Wholesale Airbar Max here at Fat Puff Wholesale for the lowest prices, but MAX quality. (pun intended)

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Airbar Max 2000 PUFFS DISPOSABLE Features:

Disposable Vaporizer (Pack of 10)

Puff Count: ~1500

Nicotine: 50 mg

Sleek feature

Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Nicotine, Natural & Artificial Flavors.

Note: This Disposable device e-liquid contains Nicotine which is not allowed to be used or consumed by the minors or less than the age of 21, people with respiratory problems, pregnant women etc.

Air Bar Max is the latest and most incredible air bar product in the industry! Sporting a modern silver to color gradient casing, the Air Bar Max defines aesthetic premium vaping. If you are looking for wholesale Airbar Lux, click here. 

Air Bar Max vapes are air-powered vape that uses air pressure to create vapor. The Air Bar also comes with two interchangeable batteries (upgraded model). One battery is for on-the-go vaping, and the other is exclusively used with the Air Bar, offering you an Air Bar experience without having to carry around extra batteries.

Here at Fat Puff Wholesale, we proudly sell Airbar Max vapes. We specialize in selling high-quality vaporizers at wholesale prices. Fat Puff Wholesale has a one-of-a-kind customer service department where many orders can be done over the phone if necessary. Meanwhile, Air Bars are sold exclusively through German distributors, so no retailers or vape shops will be able to match our prices. 

Also, Air Bars are more durable since there are made of glass fiber instead of Pyrex or metal, which is typical in many vape devices.

 Why Air Bar Max?

Air Bar Max vapes feature a patent-pending airflow design that enhances performance by creating a full chamber effect of air being pushed over e-liquids from different angles, giving it a more enhanced vapor production. They have been designed to flow air from the top shelf where the air bars are located towards each Air Bar’s air holes for efficient vaping.

The Air Bar is an innovative way of enhancing your vaping experience; it can be enjoyed with or without e-liquid while performing like more expensive air vapes effortlessly. The Air Bar Max is also easily adjustable to match your needs by moving air bars up and down to fit on your throat or currently preferred angle.

The Air Bar Max vape is available in three delicious fruity flavors:

  • Aloe Black Currant
  • Red Mojito
  • Sakura Grape

Our customers rave about these delicious flavors, and like the rest of our vape products, the Air Bar Max, when purchased from Fat Puff Wholesale, comes with a 100% authentic Wholesale guarantee or your money back.

Benefits of Air Bar Max

There are a variety of benefits when you choose Airbar Max including:

  • Authentic air bar system
  • Delicious flavor selection
  • Easily adjustable and easily moves up and down the vape to fit your throat or preferred angle.
  • Modern casing

Air Bar Max is a great choice for new and experienced vapers. Air Bar Max is available at the lowest price here at Fat Puff Wholesale.

Remember, with high-quality products sold for wholesale prices. We give you the best variety of vape products on the market. We want our customers to be satisfied and happy with their choices in vaping products. If you have any questions or comments about this product or any other product we sell, please contact us today!

The Optimal Vaping Experience


When you purchase Air Bar Max, you are buying the optimal vaping system. Our clients are ecstatic about the satisfaction they get from Air Bar Max. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be one of our satisfied customers!


Fits Comfortably in Your Hand

The ergonomically designed grip is not only appealing, but it makes vaping convenient and comfortable. The smooth exterior is non-slip, so you can vape with confidence knowing your device won’t slip out of your hand. Whether you are a new or experienced vaper, this product will exceed all of your expectations.

Vapor Production

Air Bar Max is a unique product that enhances your vaping experience by adjusting to the angle of inhalation. No other vape device matches this functionality while maintaining a sleek and lightweight design.

Adjustable Airflow for Customized Use

The Air Bar Max vape is adjustable to match your needs by moving air bars up and down to fit on your throat or currently preferred angle. This versatile design ensures optimal airflow for both beginners and advanced users alike, allowing you to adjust your vaping style as needed throughout the day.

Available in Three Delicious Flavors

The Air Bar Max vape comes with three delicious flavors: Aloe Black Currant, Red Mojito, and Sajura Grape. These authentic flavors add an enjoyable element to your vaping experience, allowing you to enjoy any vaping session.

Quality Vapes at Low Prices

When shopping for vape wholesale, it is essential that you purchase from a reputable company. At Authentic Wholesale, we pride ourselves on selling only superior quality vapes at the lowest wholesale prices to our customers worldwide. We do this because we want every customer to be 100% satisfied with their purchase and enjoy what our products offer them.

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