(NO RESTOCK SALE) Pop Hit Lite 3% 900 Puffs (Box of 10)


The Pop Lite is Pop Hit’s new product. They have the credit card design of the old sourin air, you also get a free lanyard in every single package, to hang your disposable from, or your keys I guess. This is a PREMIUM disposable, these things are A+++ disposables. The hit is very clean/smooth and only has 3% nicotine!

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Honeydew Melon Chew $50.00 16
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Chilled Cotton Floss $50.00 2
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Chilled Strawberry Pom $50.00 15
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Strawberry Banana Cream $50.00 12
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Luscious Watermelon $50.00 10
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Sour Grapple $50.00 21
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Weight 1.1 lbs

Sour Grapple, Luscious Watermelon, Strawberry Banana Cream, Chilled Strawberry Pom, Maui Pog, Chilled Cotton Floss, Honeydew Melon Chew, Peach Watermelon, Peach Ice Cream