Wholesale Puff Bar 400 Puffs (Box of 10)


The original King of the Block, the one that started it all, the OG Puff Bar. With 1.3 mL (50 mG) of salt nicotine and a great selection of flavors, the Puff Bar offers a compact vaping experience in a durable, long lasting package. With 300+ puffs per unit, and priced lower than all of our other products, the Puff Bar is one of our hottest selling items in our store. Come shop with us and see why customers choose us over and over again!

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Puff Bar Description:

  • 1.3 mL (50) mg of salt nicotine per disposable
  • 280mAh internal battery
  • No messy refills
  • 300+ puffs per disposable
  • Great price
  • Multiple great flavors
  • Best seller

Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Nicotine, Natural & Artificial Flavors.

Why OG Puff Bar Vapes

Our Puff Bar vapes are perfect for vape users who love simplicity. No mess, easy to use, and priced at a point where you can afford to try all of our popular flavors, the Puff Bar is your best bet for an easy vape experience.

Our disposable vapes are made with 1.3 mL (50) mg of salt nicotine per cartridge. This makes it so there’s no extra equipment or fuss – draw from your vaporizer when ready and exhale giant plumes!

Even better, their 280mAh internal batteries give them around 300+ puffs that will have you coming back for more when you run out! These little guys won’t have any problems lasting until the end of the day either – toss them in a drawer and forget about it!

When you buy a disposable vape, you get all the benefits of vaping without the long-term responsibility of maintaining and caring for your device.

You can use any vape pen with Puff Bar cartridges – screw on the cartridge and puff away! It couldn’t be easier to enjoy our flavors anywhere, anytime.

Suppose you’re looking for something easy to travel with or want an inexpensive solution when it comes to enjoying e-liquid whenever, wherever. In that case, these are perfect choices for when convenience counts, too.


Our Variety of Flavors

Our vape lovers enjoy an array of flavor choices with Puff Bar vape cartridges. We even offer nicotine salt capsules! Enjoy our flavors:

  • Pineapple lemonade

  •  Blueberry ice

  •  Pomegranate

  •  Sour apple

  •  Blue razz

You can’t go wrong when it comes to choosing any one of these fantastic flavors!

Benefits of Choosing OG Puff Bar Vapes

With OG Puff Bar vape products, you’ll enjoy an extensive range of flavors that are all ideally suited for vaping. We even offer nicotine salt capsules. When you choose from our variety of cartridges, the only thing limiting your experience is how much time you have to vape!

Convenience & Affordable Pricing

When it comes to vaping, there’s no denying convenience is often lost in the process – not so with our affordable vaping solution! Our cartridges are straightforward to use and require minimal maintenance; they come ready to be used by simply screwing on the cartridge and puffing away.

These affordable vaporizing pens allow for discrete smoking while also giving smokers the freedom to vape wherever and whenever they’d like.

Fits Like a Glove

What’s great about the Wholesale Puff Bar 400 Puffs vape is its discrete size. Enjoy a night on the town or a day at the beach without having to carry around a bulky and heavy battery.

The Wholesale Puff Bar vape is small enough to fit in your pocket and light enough that you’ll barely notice it’s there!

Best Seller

This model is one of our best sellers. Due to its low price and lasting power, customers keep coming back for more. The Puff Bar may have one of the lowest prices on the market, but it does not skimp out when it comes to quality!

Internal Battery

This vape has a 280mAh internal battery which means it’s more reliable and lasts longer than less expensive alternatives. You can expect to use this battery for as long as 300-400 puffs. This is why this is one of our best sellers!

A Vape That Lasts

The Wholesale Puff Bar 400 Puffs vape is excellent because of its long-lasting quality. With 300+ puffs per unit, the 400 Puffs cartridge will give you a long-lasting vaping experience for your money. Plus, the 400 Puffs vape is affordable enough that you can purchase multiple cartridges at once and refill them yourself!

No more wasting money on the overpriced prefilled units sold at other online stores.

Contact Fat Puff Wholesale For Your Puff Bar 400 Puffs Vapes

Contact us at any time of the day, any day of the week. We are here to change what it means to be a vape distributor.

Whatever your inquiry or issue is, we will work around the clock to resolve it in 24 hours or less! We aim to make all Fat Puff Wholesale customers have an exceeded expectations experience with us!

If you don’t see the flavor you want on our site, shoot us a text or call us, and we’ll see what we can do to get the flavor you desire in bulk!

We offer a variety of brands other than Puff Bar 400. When you purchase from Fat Puff Wholesale, you’ll find only high-quality vapes in bulk without adding to the price tag! Get it! What are you waiting for? Check out the Fat Puff difference today. Call or text us at (407) 801-1596. We have your fat puffs waiting!

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